The Ultimate NFPA99 Medical Gas Analyzer


Finally, a gas analyzer that is especially and carefully designed for NFPA99 Medical Gas Verifiers!

The MGV100 is the world’s only All-In-One NFPA99 gas analyzer which provides MGVs with the ultimate combination of measurement accuracy, speed and convenience in an ergonomic, light and compact design.

The MGV100 is based on AG Instruments patented technology and the “Technology Made to Measure” TM concept. It was developed by bringing together some of the most experienced piped medical gas verifiers in the world with top gas analysis design engineers to offer you a product of the highest standards.



  • Most reliable gas sensing technologies.
  • Automatic air calibration.
  • Secure data storage.



  • Robust gas connections.
  • Safety warnings.
  • No external regulators.



  • All gases measured simultaneously.
  • Advanced fast sensors.
  • Direct gas connection and minimal handling.



  • Large touchscreen.
  • Simple operation and test report generation.
  • Light and compact..


We, at AG Instruments Ltd, are a group of people who are motivated by the desire to make products that surprise, and exceed the expectations of, our customers. We simply like to make our customers happy!

Perfection. Uncompromised.

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